Wednesday, 8 February 2012


It has been a long long time since I have done this on my other blog creative this and that,so am hoping to get my bum in gear again as I really enjoy visiting others creative places and being nosey, if you head over here,all will be explained WOYWW 

Here is my craft space after a tidy up but am currently using dining room table as it is way to cold out there in the garage

Thanks for stopping by

Happy creating


  1. Cold or not Jinny, it's a well organised space huh! If my little space gets any colder, Im going to give in and do some baking. At least being creative somewhere in the house!

  2. Your workspace looks perfect and I see some stamps on the left. My workspace is in the house, but also very cold. Mostly in winter I try to craft on a warmer place, like the kitchen. Happy WOYWW and have a creative week. Bye, Franka

  3. So neat and tidy!! Don't blame you taking to crafting indoors in this weather!! Sarah x #114

  4. Love the look of your workspace although I don't blame you for working somewhere a little warmer. The temperatures here are well below freezing outside!

    I have added my name to your list of followers, I hope that's okay??

    Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Karen #90

  5. Hi. I know what you mean. It's a bit chilly in my craft room tonight, but it's not much better anywhere else in our house. I'm afraid we are built for keeping cool in summer rather than warm in winter out here. So I guess I had better put on a few more layers. At least you have a nice tidy work space to go back to when it warms up a bit. Kate x

  6. Like the neat and tidy craft space - dont blame you for working some where warmer - love the jewellery you have made its stunning

  7. Great space and love the storage!

    Thank you for sharing. :)

    Maggie xx

  8. Stay warm...take care.
    Your garage looks oh so organized and tidy though!

  9. Your space is so organized and tidy.

  10. looks fab, but can understand you crafting indoors this weather. Thanks for sharing & enjoy this weeks WOYWW, I've been nosing around all the fab desks as I try to visit everyone! Zo x 83

  11. This looks like a nice space to craft in. I can totally understand opting to work indoors during the cold weather. Who wants to craft when their fingers are freezing?!?


  12. Hi Jinny! I didn't know you had this other blog, so will follow it now. I've just looked down the page and seen all your glorious beads - totally lush!!

    We had another snow fall last night - but only light this time, you're lucky not to have had any - but there's still time!!! LOL

    Take care x

  13. Ooodles of loveliness and such artful creations - great that you want to share even more with us mad folk! Look forward to seeing and hearing more! Thanks for letting us look in and peek at your desk... Sarah at 7...

  14. I can imagine that it is a bit too cold to work out in a garage at this time ... even my craft space has been just a tad too chilly for me of recent weeks. Good to see you here and hope to see you again. Thanks for popping in and leaving a comment - it's much appreciated. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Elizabeth x #2

  15. My old craft room was next to the garage, and I hated being cold when crafting! Your hands get all chilly and then your fingers don't work right! I hope the dining room table is warmer :)

    Happy WOYWW (on Friday!)
    Katie #18

  16. Yeah I dont like crafting in the cold, I am lucky the dining room is mine to craft in, we eat on our laps in the lounge
    Bridget #51

  17. You're just right to move into the warm, but you've got lots to play with out there in the garage, I hope it warms up soon!
    Thanks for popping by my blog!